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we live too long.

begin again.

call me n.s. david
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19th century fashion, aesop's fables, alan strang, amadeus, ambiguous omni-european accents, andrew stanton, andy kaufman, art, arthur koestler, bagpipes, bbc comedies, biking, bloom, bodies of water, body. hair., books, bottomless pits, brothers grimm, c.s. lewis, camping, celtic mythology, charlie kaufman, childhood, childrens literature, david the gnome, dmitri shostakovich, dusty vellum, equus, existentialism, fairytales, fiddles, firefly, fitzwilliam darcy, flight of the conchords, folklore, frank lloyd wright, full moons, hermann hesse, hohner harmonicas, homemade canvases, howard roark, ils literati, j.r.r. tolkein, jack white iii, jim carrey, john keats, john steinbeck, joshua tree, keanu reeves, kilts!!, kurt vonnegut, lee pace's eyebrows, lee pace's freckled shoulders, lee pace's puckered brow, lee pace's rosy cheeks, matt mayday saracen, matthew bourne's swan lake, michelangelo, milos forman, muddy waters, music, my lover albert camus, my own private idaho, pablo neruda, patrick wolf, peter shaffer, photography, pub anthems, rage, realistic romanticism, roald dahl, roaring fires, rock climbing, s morgenstern, salvador dali, seven nations, sir isaac newton, socks, starry starry nights, storms, swimming, swimming in storms, t.s. eliot, taibhsear, the biology of human-being, the british isles, the environmentally conscious, the first rain, the great outdoors, the indefinite semicolon, the little mermaid, the madmen, the metric system, the ocean, the passionate, the savage under, the theatre, the tradewinds, the uke, the veils, the white stripes, theodore geisel, thrift stores, tom waits, unicorns, vegetarians, vladimir nabokov, whedonverse, windmill whisperings, winter, wolfgang! amadeus! mozart!!!